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I've tried to rebuild it as best I can so nothing was changed, but if I've missed any of the files, please do let me know. </td> </tr> </table><br> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3" width="100%" bgcolor="#EEF2F5" border="0"> <td width="5%"> <table border="0" style="border: #5775AC 1px solid" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td valign="top" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="left" width="200"><div align="left"><font class="darkfont" color="#999999"><img src="radiant.jpg" width="200" height="98" border="0"></font><br> <font class="darkfont" color="#999999">&nbsp;Radiant Morning technologies</font> </div></td> <td valign="bottom" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><center><img src="naomi.gif" alt="Naomi - free internet filter for families!" width="358" height="110" border="0"> </center> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> <br> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" width="100%" bgcolor="#EEF2F5" border="0"> <tr valign="top"> <td width="15%"> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" width="100%" border="0" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <tr> <td style="border: #5775AC 1px solid" valign="top"> <img src="mnicon.gif" vspace="0" border="0" alt="" width="17" height="16"> <b>Language menu</b><br> <hr align="left" style="width:80%;color:#5775AC;height:1px" size="1"> <a href="index.html"><b>English</b></a><br> <a href="italian.html">Italian</a><br> <a href="spanish.html">Spanish</a><br> <br> <br> <img src="swicon.gif" vspace="0" border="0" alt="" width="16" height="16">&nbsp;<b>Latest news</b>&nbsp; <a href="rss.xml"><img src="rss.gif" width="36" height="14" border="0"></a><br> <hr align="left" style="width:80%;color:#5775AC;height:1px" size="1"> <font color="#999999">(4.1.2006)</font><br> Released version 3.2.90<br> 20.6 - author's note added<br> <br><br> <a href="reporten.html"><b>Click here</b></a> to send a report. <br> <br> <br> <a href="http://www.softpedia.com/progClean/Naomi-internet-filter-Clean-21924.html"><img src="softpedia.gif" border=0></a> <br> <br> &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Other-Internet-Related/Naomi-internet-filter.shtml"><img src="softpediapick.gif" width="106" height="59" border=0></a> <br> <br> <a href="http://www.download.com/Naomi/3000-2162-10466845.html?part=dl-Naomi&subj=dl&tag=button"><img src=" http://i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/i/dl/dl-bta.gif" alt="Get it from CNET Download.com!" height="59" width="148" align="center" border="0"></a> <br> <br> &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="http://www.freewarefiles.com/program_5_180_11012.html"><img src="editors_pick_w.gif" width="90" height="91" border=0></a> <br> <br> <a href="http://www.sofotex.com/Naomi-family-safe-internet-download_L24438.html"><img src="5.gif" width=121 height=61 alt="Freeware and shareware downloads" border=0></a> <br> <br> <img src="5stars_rating.gif" border=0> <br> <br> <br> Naomi is free software. If you like this program, please donate to <a href="http://www.compassion.com"><b>Compassion</b></a>, an organization devoted to helping children in need in many countries.<br> &nbsp; </td> </tr> </table> <td valign="top" width="84%"> <table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" style="border: #5775AC 1px solid" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <tr valign="top" align="left"> <td colspan="2"><blockquote> <p><em><br> &quot;9 out of 10 children aged between 8 and 16 years have viewed pornography on the internet. In most cases, the sites were accessed unintentionally when a child used a seemingly innocent sounding word to search for information or pictures.&quot;</em>&nbsp; (London School of Economics, 2002)</p> </blockquote> <p><br> <strong>WHAT IS NAOMI ?</strong></p> <p><a href="screen.jpg"><b>Naomi</b></a> is an advanced internet filtering program, easy to use and totally free, intended for families, and kids in particular.<br> <br> Naomi is able to constantly monitor all internet connections, protecting children from inappropriate online material - such as obscene or violent contents; pornography, pedophilia and erotism in the form of images or texts; sites that popularize drugs; gambling games; terrorism; hate propaganda; occultism; sects; blasphemy, etc.<br> <br> Naomi does not rely on a simple list of banned sites; instead, it examines in real-time all the data being transmitted and received through any internet application - such as web browers, chat programs, news readers, etc.<br> <br> The filtering technology employed in Naomi features:</p> <ul> <li>Heuristic analysis capable of recognizing new material automatically.</li> <li>Semantic analysis of web pages contents and analysis of their addresses and links.</li> <li>Recognizes all the major languages (10+).</li> <li>Recognizes ICRA labelling system.</li> <li>Monitoring is not limited to web sites, but covers the whole local internet traffic.</li> <li>Works with all service providers and software applications, and does not alter settings.</li> <li>Allows blocking of file-sharing applications.</li> <li>Password-protected (the password is chosen during the installation).</li> <li>Easy to use: does not require configuration.</li> <li>Can be used on slow connections (it does not perform any download in background).</li> </ul> <p>For detailed information please refer to the included user manual (you can also read the online FAQ here: <a href="faqen.html"><b>frequently asked questions</b></a>).<br> <br> &nbsp;</p></td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="2" style="background-repeat: repeat-x" background="dots.gif"></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%"><b>Current version:</b></td> <td>3.2.90</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%"><b>Size:</b></td> <td>1,3 MB</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%"><b>Compatibility:</b></td> <td>windows xp, 2000, nt, mce, etc. (xp 64-bit not supported; not tested with windows 98/me)</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%"><b><font color="#CC3333">Download NAOMI:</font></b></td> <td><b><a href="setup-en.exe"><img src="bdl.gif" alt="" width="16" height="16" align="top" border="0">&nbsp;&nbsp;Click here to DOWNLOAD NAOMI in English - Telecharger Naomi - Descargar Naomi</a></b>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="setup-en.exe"></a></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%" valign="top"><b>Other languages:</b></td> <td valign="top"><a href="setup-it.exe"><b>Italian</b></a> - <a href="setup-es.exe"><b>Spanish</b></a> - <a href="setup-tr.exe"><b>Turkish</b></a> - <a href="setup-nl.exe"><b>Dutch</b></a> - <a href="setup-de.exe"><b>German</b></a> - <a href="setup-fr.exe"><b>French</b></a> - <a href="setup-id.exe"><b>Indonesian</b></a> - <a href="setup-br.exe"><b>Portuguese Brazilian</b></a> - <a href="setup-lt.exe"><b>Lithuanian</b></a> - <a href="setup-bg.exe"><b>Bulgarian</b></a> - <a href="setup-gr.exe"><b>Greek</b></a></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%" valign="top"><b>Other versions/plugins:</b></td> <td valign="top">- <a href="setup-per.exe"><strong>Naomi Personal Edition</strong></a> (interface is available in English only): download this instead of the standard version, if you want to install Naomi on a per-login basis (single or multiple user installation - the standard version installs by default in all accounts)<br> To use any of the following plugins you have to install naomi first:<br> - <a href="notray.exe"><strong>No Tray Icon plugin</strong></a>: for hiding the filter's icon in the tray area; read carefully the instructions on <a href="faqen.html"><b>this page</b></a> - uninstaller is <a href="notrayun.exe"><b>here</b></a>; you'll have to reboot after installing the plugin<br> - <a href="imgvid.exe"><strong>ImageSearch plugin</strong></a>: install this plugin if you want to block most image/video searches (google, yahoo, etc.); works on naomi 3.2.56 and above; you'll have to reboot after installing the plugin<br> - <a href="myspc.exe"><strong>Myspace plugin</strong></a>: install this plugin if you want to disable access to myspace.com (a website for teens above 14 years); you'll have to reboot after installing the plugin<br> &nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="2" style="background-repeat: repeat-x" background="dots.gif"></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%" valign="top"><b>How to install:</b></td> <td valign="top">1) if you are using a previous version, uninstall it before installing the new version, and reboot<br> 2) choose a password that you can remember, but that cannot be guessed easily; <b>make sure you don't forget your password</b>, because for security reasons all password removal requests will be ignored (don't email me saying that you have intentionally put a random password - the password is under your care)<br> 3) please note that naomi has a feature for blocking file-sharing programs, and it is enabled by default; if you want to disable it, just click the p2p button on naomi's interface<br> 4) if you are using xp's limited accounts, please verify that the filter is working correctly in those accounts (try searching for &quot;porn&quot; on a search engine)<br> 5) please keep in mind that using a software filter may allow parents to exert less vigilance or internet surfing, but <b>no program can be considered a substitutive of the parent's action of education and control</b></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%"><b>Questions:</b></td> <td>see the <a href="faqen.html"><b>Frequently Asked Questions</b></a> (FAQ - last update: February 6)</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%" valign="top"><b>License:<br> &nbsp;</b></td> <td valign="top"><a href="license.html"><b>Read</b></a> online<br> &nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="2" style="background-repeat: repeat-x" background="dots.gif"></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%" valign="top"><b>Translators:</b></td> <td valign="top"> <b>Senpai</b> translated Naomi and its <a href="man-es.html"><b>manual</b> (es)</a> in Spanish language. <b>Ismail &ccedil;akir</b> translated Naomi and its <a href="man-tr.html"><b>manual</b> (tr)</a> in Turkish language. <b>Ton Smits</b> translated Naomi and its <a href="man-nl.html"><b>manual</b> (nl)</a> in Dutch language. <b>Hanin Keren</b> translated Naomi and its <a href="man-id.html"><b>manual</b> (id)</a> in Indonesian language. <b>Rasa</b> translated Naomi and its <a href="man-de.html"><b>manual</b> (de)</a> in German language. <b>C&eacute;dric Lanio</b> translated Naomi in French language and <b>Chris Huillery</b> translated the <a href="man-fr.html"><b>manual</b> (fr)</a>. <b>Lisandro Carmona</b> translated Naomi and its <a href="man-br.html"><b>manual</b> (br)</a> in Portuguese Brasilian language. <strong>mmm_777</strong> translated Naomi in Greek language. <b>Audrius Luciunas</b> translated Naomi and its <a href="man-lt.html"><b>manual</b> (lt)</a> in Lithuanian language. <b>Philip Andreev</b> translated Naomi and its <a href="man-bg.html"><b>manual</b> (bg)</a> in Bulgarian language. The <a href="man-en.html"><b>english</b></a> and <a href="man-it.html"><b>italian</b></a> manuals were written by myself. To download any of these versions, see above. Furthermore, instructions in Malaysian language are available on <a href="http://www.darulkautsar.com/naomi.htm"><b>this site</b></a>. Also a video guide (tutorial) is available in French language <a href="http://sebsauvage.net/temp/wink/naomi.html"><strong>here</strong></a>.<br> &nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%" valign="top"><b>Special thanks:</b></td> <td valign="top">First of all, I want to thank <a href="http://www.m6.net"><strong>M6.net</strong></a> for providing free hosting sponsorship for this project. And a sincere thank you to the Association &quot;<a href="http://www.retefree.org"><b>Sicuri in Rete</b></a>&quot; for donating the domain name <b>naomifilter.org</b> and for providing help with some translations.<br> I also wish to thank all the people who have helped with this project. In particular: Ton Smits, Mascagni Gionata, Philip Andreev, Julio Cesar Gordijo, Peter, Daniel Z., Ben Hayward, Jonathan Benkowitsch, Marco Durando, Fen Frehner, Senpai, Tan Siong Hua, Ismail &ccedil;akir, Lisandro Carmona, Hanin Keren, Rasa, C&eacute;dric Lanio, Chris Huillery, Audrius Luciunas, mmm_777, Alejandro Andrada... and all the others I forgot to mention.<br> &nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%" valign="top"><b>Notes from the author:</b></td> <td valign="top"><p><strong>Distribution</strong>: From time to time I receive emails from people who ask permission to include Naomi on CDs/DVD (for computer magazines etc.) You are allowed to freely distribute Naomi. However, you can only charge a reasonable cost for the media (cd, dvd, or floppy disk) and/or the magazine. You may NOT sell Naomi under any circumstances (Users: if you have payed for Naomi, please contact me immediately) - &quot;Freely you have received, freely give.&quot;<br> <br> <strong>Webmasters</strong>: If you have a web site, please link this page only. Avoid linking directly Naomi's installation files, as I could change the domain name, file names or directory paths in the future.<br> <br> <strong>Donations</strong>: If you can, please donate to <strong><a href="http://www.compassion.com">Compassion</a></strong> to help children in need. Thanks.<br> <br> <strong><font color="#FF0000">UPDATE</font></strong><font color="#FF0000"> (May 20, 2006):</font></p> <p>Dear friends of &quot;Naomi&quot;,<br> <br> With this message I wish to thank you all for your help with this project.<br> <br> It's been a long time since I have released the first version of Naomi, and your comments and suggestions have been determinative. Unfortunately, though, I don't have time to devote to Naomi anymore as I'm busy with my job. Since I don't have any collaborators, I cannot work on this project anymore.<br> <br> I have received a proposal from a Firm that wanted to buy Naomi, but I refused because the very reason for which I have developed Naomi was the lack of FREE content filters - not making money or producing another commercial filter. Luckily, it seems things are slowly changing, as Microsoft has finally announced that they are planning to release a free family filter for Windows. It was about time that an operating system for home use included a free family filter! I don't know what it will block and how. You can find more information here: <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2006/mar06/03-13WLFamilySettingsPR.mspx">http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2006/mar06/03-13WLFamilySettingsPR.mspx</a><br> <br> But why filtering? Often, people equate filtering with censorship. Honestly I don't understand why a kid that wants to search the web for his/her favourite cartoon, has to see countless websites containing porn, simulated rape, hate, violence, often even trojans and dialers. Anti-censorship advocates insist on waging war on all forms of content filtering; but if people have the right to publish WHATEVER they want on the internet - the same internet that my children use for studying and staying in touch with their friends - then I do reclaim the right for my children to surf the web safely.<br> <br> I can only hope that more people will take this matter seriously. There are literally thousands free, open source projects, and many skilled programmers are devoting their spare time to these projects - often, clones of instant messengers, games, antiviruses, linux-based distros and so on. Without doubt, if they wanted, they could create a free, sophisticated content filter, to protect children from all kinds of inappropriate content, and yet easy to use for parents. That's what I've tried to do with Naomi.<br> <br> Ren (author of Naomi)<br> <br> <i>(note: for more free filtering software, please visit the sites listed below)</i><br> &nbsp;</p></td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="2" style="background-repeat: repeat-x" background="dots.gif"></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%" valign="top"><a name="lnk"></a><b>Useful links:</b><br> &nbsp;</td> <td valign="top"><p> <a href="http://children.care2.com/"><b>Care2's Race for Children</b></a> - click daily (for free) to help provide children in need with food, medical attention and education<br> <br> <a href="http://www.k9webprotection.com/"><b>K9 Web Protection</b></a> - a free internet filter<br> <a href="http://www.safefamilies.org/download.php"><b>Safe Families</b></a> - free internet filtering and parental control software<br> <a href="http://www.antichildporn.org/reveal.html"><b>Reveal</b></a> - a free program for finding if porn files are stored on your computer<br> <a href="http://www.akidthaine.com/"><b>File Sharing Sentinel</b></a> - free parental control tool for blocking file-sharing programs<br> <a href="http://www.cogilab.com/en/down/index.htm"><b>SurfPass</b></a> - free version of the SurfPass filter, which also allows time limits, logging, etc.<br> <a href="http://support.it-mate.co.uk/?mode=Products&p=bgone"><b>B Gone</b></a> - free web filter based on keywords list<br> <a href="http://www.parentpresent.org/NoWorrys/NoWorrys-Help.htm"><b>NoWorrys</b></a> - allows access to trusted sites (list) only (see also: <a href="http://www.parentpresent.org/ppGuard/PpGuard-Help-1.htm"><b>PpGuard</b></a>)<br> <a href="http://www.icra.org/icraplus/"><b>ICRA Plus</b></a> - free tool, offers control over access to labelled sites<br> <a href="http://awarenesstech.com/"><b>WebWatcher</b></a> - one of the best commercial parental control tools<br> <a href="http://x3watch.com/"><b>X3 Watch</b></a> - free accountability program (informs about accesses to questionable sites - for PC and MAC)<br> <a href="http://www.kidrocket.org"><b>KidRocket</b></a> - web browser for young kids (limits access to web sites)<br> <a href="http://www.hosts-file.net"><b>Hosts-File.net</b></a> - easily block scammer, phishing and other malicious websites (Windows only)<br> <a href=""><b>LogProtect</b></a> - prevent your child from transmitting his personal coordinates (can be bypassed, though)<br> <a href="http://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/misctools/fwpopblock.html"><b>Popup blockers</b></a> - free software for removing unwanted pop-ups<br> <a href="http://www.fraudeliminator.com/download.php"><b>FraudEliminator</b></a> - anti-phishing (email frauds) toolbar<br> <a href="http://www.spybot.info"><b>SpyBot</b></a> - free program to remove dialers, spyware, and other malware from your pc<br> <a href="http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.html"><b>HiJackThis</b></a> - invaluable tools for removal of hijackers, dialers, and more (download CWShredded and HiJackThis)<br> <a href="http://www.free.fr/protection/enfance.html"><b>Free tools</b></a> - listing free filters, website is in French<br> <a href="http://www.squid-cache.org/Doc/FAQ/FAQ-1.html#squid-NT"><b>Squid</b></a> - proxy/blacklisting for administrators<br> <a href="http://www.censornet.com/home/"><b>Censornet</b></a> - a free filter for Linux (another alternative: <a href="http://dansguardian.org">DansGuardian</a>)<br> <a href="http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html"><b>Spyware Blaster</b></a> - immunize your pc against spyware and dialers<br> <a href="http://database.n2h2.com/cgi-perl/catrpt.pl"><b>N2H2 Database</b></a> - submit URLs for inclusion in the Bess/N2H2 blacklist<br> <a href="http://babelfish.altavista.com/"><b>Babelfish</b></a> - free online translator<br> <br> <em>Information:</em><br> <br> <a href="http://www.familyfriendlysites.com"><b>Family Friendly Sites</b></a> - excellent directory of websites and other resources suitable for both families; includes a selection of search engines that are kids friendly<br> <a href="http://www.cybertipline.com"><b>CyberTipLine</b></a> - report here child sexual exploitation and unsolicited obscene mail<br> <a href="http://www.ritalindeath.com"><b>RitalinDeath.com</b></a> - say no to psychiatric drugging of children for ADD and ADHD<br> <a href="http://www.chatdanger.com"><b>Chatdanger</b></a> - how to keep safe while chatting online (mobiles, email, email, messenger, games)<br> <a href="http://www.ncjrs.gov/html/ojjdp/psc_english_02/intro.html"><b>Personal safety for children</b></a> - A guide for parents<br> <a href="http://www.amberalert.gov/"><b>AMBER alert</b></a> - America's missing: broadcast emergency response<br> <a href="http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/prevention.html"><b>Parasite Prevention</b></a> - a must-read: guide to online parasite (spyware, trojan, etc.) prevention<br> <a href="http://www.section21.m6.net"><b>Section 21</b></a> - an organization devoted to fighting online pedophilia and abuse<br> <a href="http://www.fraudwatchinternational.com"><b>FraudWatch Int.</b></a> - learn how to protect yourself from internet frauds, scams, phishing, id theft<br> <a href="http://aumha.org/sitemap.htm"><b>Aumha.org</b></a> - Windows support center, parasite removal, error messages, tutorials<br> &nbsp;</p></td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> <br> <table width="100%"> <tr> <td align="center"> <center> <strong><a href="http://www.m6.net">Web hosting proudly provided by M6.Net</a> - <a href="http://www.m6.net"><u>www.M6.net</u></a></strong><br> <br> The domain name naomifilter.org has been donated by <strong><a href="http://www.retefree.org"><b>Associazione Sicuri in Rete</b></a></strong><br> <br> <hr size="1" noshade> <font class="darkfont" color="#999999">Copyright &copy; 2004-2006 Radiant Morning.&nbsp; All rights reserved.<br> &nbsp;</font><br>&nbsp; </center> </td> </tr> </table> </body> </html>