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NAOMI 3.0 (en)

family-safe internet

© 2004-2006 Radiant Morning

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Table of contents

Installing and uninstalling
User interface
Usage precautions
Final notes


Naomi 3.0 is an advanced internet filtering program, easy to use and totally free, intended for families and parents in particular.

Naomi 3.0 is able to constantly monitor all internet connections, protecting children from inappropriate online material (such as obscene or violent contents; pornography and erotism in the form of images or texts; sites that popularize drugs; gambling games; terrorism; hate propaganda; occultism; sects; blasphemy, etc.)

The filter does not rely on a mere list of banned sites; instead, it examines all data that are transmitted or received from the internet using applications like web browsers, chat programs, newsreaders, file sharing tools, and more.

The filtering technology employed in Naomi 3.0 features:

Installing and uninstalling

Installation of Naomi 3.0 only requires a few seconds. You just need to launch its installation (setup) file. Then, you will be promped to choose a password, to prevent unauthorized access to the program. This password is essential for accessing the program's interface, and also for deactivating or uninstalling it. You are advised to choose a password that is difficult to guess (e.g. you can use letters and numbers) and to remember it or keep it in a safe place.

The program is now ready and it immediately starts its monitoring activity. Whenever a potential access to inappropriate sites or material is detected, the application in use is terminated. If, for example, a pornographic website is accessed - on purpose or not -, the web browser is immediately closed, both to prevent further exploration and to avoid the user from seeing any partially downloaded material (e.g. photos, banners, etc.)

User interface

To access the user interface, you just need to click twice (left mouse button) on the flower-shaped icon near the Windows clock:


You will be asked to enter the password that you have chosen during the installation.

Once you have entered the exact password, you'll see the user interface. The following buttons are available:

Usage precautions

In some cases, it is possible that the filter detects "false positives", that is, it could result in blocking of legitimate sites. This may happen in the following cases:

If you find that a kids-safe site is erroneously blocked, or that an inappropriate site is not filtered, or if the program does not work for you, please contact me. Your report shall be taken into account for the next versions and updates of the filter.

Final notes

Using a software filter allows parents to exert less vigilance or internet surfing, but no program can be considered a substitutive of the parent's action of education and control. Don't forget that, unless internet access is limited to a few selected sites, it is not possible to block the 100% of inappropriate contents: programs, in fact, do not "understand"; they just make choices based on criteria that can prove to be more or less valid according to the different cases.

I dedicate this program to a dear friend's baby girl; her name, naturally, is Naomi :-)


Naomi 3.0 is a free program; it is copyrighted and distributed as "freeware".


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